Bloomers founder Röther, Weiß and v. Lucadou
The founding team: Hannah Röther, Anna Weiß and Arndt v. LucadouImage: Hoshi Yoshida

About us

When you find a burden in belief or apparel, cast it off.
Amelia Bloomer

Anna Weiß, Hannah Röther and Arndt von Lucadou are passionate mountainbikers from Germany. Working in the outdoor industry for many years, they’ve always wondered about the lack of (gender) diversity they met. The surprise became unpatience when they realised that this was not only an obstacle for innovation and growth, but to the participation for girls and women in outdoor activities. Inspired by the 19th century activist Amelia Bloomer, who fought successfully for the women’s right to ride bicycles, they founded Bloomers - a think tank dedicated to increase the participation of girls and women in outdoor sports.

Bloomers aims to expand the narrative of outdoor sports, to fight sterotypes and to promote diversity in outdoor sports through communication and knowledge transfer.

Anna Weiß


Anna has travelled the world as a flight attendant, before she decided to settle as a journalist. Though settle is not the right word, considering her stories from even the remotest places on earth. She co-founded “Kurvenreich”, the first section dedicated to women in a German mountainbike magazine, as well as a creative studio specialised in the outdoor and tourism sector. Her talent to truly listen, to connect the right people and to visualise their message is key for her outstanding communication projects.

She is an instructor at the German Alpine Club.

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Arndt von Lucadou


You could guess that the male team member joined because of his concern for his two daughters: well, that’s not the case. Arndt, climber and mountainbiker, was tired himself of the ever same stories and klischees when it comes to his passions. His joy for experimentation and his obsession to create innovation lead to websites that stand out from the mainstream.

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Hannah Röther


Just recently, the woman who sparked our interest in the field of women and outdoor sports decided to take a step back and take a pause from public and social media. Nevertheless, without her, without her colourful vision of outdoor sports, without her courage to speak up, there wouldn’t be any Bloomers today. Hannah Röther holds a Masters degree in social research. She has led field studies about the social impact of mountainbiking and competed in international Enduro mountainbiking races. She has specialised as a freelance journalist and copywriter for mountainbike magazines and creative agencies. On her blog, she puts her passion for mountainbiking, life outdoors and philosophy into unusual stories that offer new perspectives. Reading the beautiful arrangement of her words feels like listening to your favourite song. For the biggest mountainbiking club in Germany, she organizes the “Bikefestival Freiburg”.

… and a vast network of the most talented people in Outdoor sports


Work with us: Cooperation with brands or destinations

In our universe, women in outdoor sports are humans, not consumers. If you are like-minded and want to show all the outdoor women out there how much your brand values them, we are very happy to receive your inquiry for

or other forms of cooperation, such as

or our recommendations for

or something we haven’t thought about yet. Think big and think crazy – and we’re sure you will spark our fire!

Wir können der Vernunft widerstehen, und wir können den Fakten widerstehen. Der Kraft der Erzählung aber können wir nicht widerstehen, weil sie den Verstand öffnet.
Mitchell Zuckoff, Professor für Narrative Studies, Boston University

Working with Bloomers Outdoors means you are working with creative professionals and a vast network of the most talented people in outdoor business. To join our party, please bring curiosity and courage. Please also note that with brands, we don’t work for „reach and fame“. We’re old and experienced enough to know the value of our work. You can be sure to get an unique product and we will handle your project with all the thorough attention it deserves. #nocopypaste, promise! Furthermore, you support us in supporting women and girls in outdoor sports.

We’re very much looking forward to hearing from you!

Work with us: Cooperation with non-profits, organizations and individuals

We are always looking for non-profits, organizations and individuals who want to cooperate with us in one way or the other. The outdoor world we are dreaming of is colourful and its stories are as diverse as they are unique! We’re convinced that EVERYONE has to tell a story which changes one life or the other.

Cooperations are the future – competition is so 2006!
Bita Daryan, Futurist Researcher

As our aim is to push all of us towards working more professionally (and we rather spend time outdoors than write hundreds of emails with needless questions) we ask you to pitch to us your idea or story (in German or English) completely with

These requirements don’t mean you have to be a professional writer! Indeed, we encourage explicitely those of you who haven’t ever published a single story so far – but ever so often feel an urge to share their adventures and opinion with the world. We are sure that storytelling is a talent inherent in every human. For us, you completing these tasks means that you are really willing to deal with the topic in a unique way, do proper research, and invest your time to ensure good quality. You can be sure that once your idea or story has caught on us, we will do everything to support you.

Don’t think twice – just do it! The world is hungry for your stories!

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